The Chemistry Of Emotions…

Chemistry….a word that reminds me of the days when learning of the Periodic Table was like climbing the Mount Everest…balancing of equations gave sleepless nights…yet, it all seemed so intriguing . The presence of Hydrogen and Oxygen being the elements in the elixir of life…the water we drink, sounded unbelievable, presence of acids (which we knew were only corrosive)in some of our favourite foods made no sense…still, the bonding with atoms, ions and molecules came so naturally to me. However, Chemistry is not everyone’s cup of tea, a general notion because some find it complicated while some hate this subject for its complex structures and chemical names. Phew!!! for them, mention of the word ‘Chemistry’ is like some nightmare which brings certain terrible looking symbols and species in mind that interact amongst themselves involving breaking and forming of bonds. Chemistry, in their opinion is good only when it helps them in removing those stubborn stains from their favourite garments or helps clean things with the magical mixture of Vinegar and Baking soda. We can lay off Chemistry from our choice of subjects but we cannot take it out of our system. Chemistry cannot be considered solely a subject or even ignored…it is the basis of our life- which once started with a Big Bang…the beautiful enigmatic life. Some compare life with a roller coaster ride with its twists and crazy loops making the journey both scary and exciting.

What does chemistry between two people mean? The way two individuals look at each other tells us a lot about what they feel about each other. It is an emotional connection and an ability to connect on every possible level which arises if you are understood well, supported and accepted for whatever you are. The neurotransmitters (the invisible messengers inside our body) and hormones (chemicals produced by different glands in our body) totally control us and our emotions…love and jealousy, pleasure or pain, all being a backwash of the various chemical reactions governing us. It is hard to believe, but, the feelings whether romantic or of hatred…all rely on a complicated concoction of chemicals and psychology. At different points of time we all have felt good and bad emotions…which is very normal but being aware of our feelings and controlling our reaction is very vital. Emotions have the tendency to fluctuate through the highs and lows in life, and it is on us how to enhance our own sense of well-being. A proper balance of these chemicals is a prerequisite for maintaining good health to some extent through a balanced diet, limited stress, and exercise.

It’s hard to overlook the time when we had our first brush with hormones…the first crush or the first love…clammy hands, racing heart or fluttering butterflies in stomach and difficulty in focusing…the adrenaline rush on being caught bunking the class for a movie…and how about that twinge of green eyed monster overtaking our senses when some one else took the credit for the long hours of tedious work we did…all these swoony sensations stemming from the chemical warfare that gets triggered when we feel nervous or excited about something. Sounds absurd but we are at the mercy of a cocktail of chemicals like pheromones, dopamine, Serotonin, oxytocin and Endorphins which have the power to dominate us…whether it was entering the transitional stage of Adolescence or embarking on the road to motherhood or hitting the climacteric phase…it was always these possessions which manipulated our behaviour and were responsible in regulating our mood and mood swings. A right balance of these promote positive feelings, happiness and pleasure.

The chemistry of love…not necessarily physical attraction and romance, it could be self love, affection or empathy also…all leading to a beautiful feeling; is actually the interplay of chemicals circulating in our bodies which determine our reaction to various situations. The underlying truth is that we need to remain happy in order to make these chemicals behave. So how do we hack these chemicals- anything that we love doing or something which lightens our mood, can be the right course to tackle our feelings. Happiness is heavily influenced by two factors, our innate temperament which is mainly genetic and our circumstances. If the former is not under our might, then it is imperative that we devise ways and means to attain contentment and bliss by mastering our emotions. The answers to our problems, are also upon us to discover…it is our attitude that seeks solutions…sometimes just basking in the sun or cooking our favourite dish can work wonders in uplifting of mood. Shopping has always helped me come out of a bad day. Sunlight, exercise, laughter, food, music, meditation, pets, sleep, shopping, cooking, gardening – do anything that gives you happiness. Indulge in “me-time”…take out time from the busy schedules and pamper yourself with those soulful songs which are lying somewhere in some corner of your mind or spend time by talking to a friend with whom you always shared those little secrets earlier in life. Learn something new; cheerfully adapt and attune to the changes in your life.

So how do you tackle the chemistry of your emotions? Do share the secrets of your happiness😊


A homemaker, educator, philanthropist and a downright Leo, with a passion for writing on life’s personal experiences and learnings. Personal interests include gardening, traveling, cooking, reading and writing. Finds beauty in smallest things, loves to experiment and explore new frontiers.

7 replies on “The Chemistry Of Emotions…”

Well I tackle the chemistry of my emotions by mixing those carbon, hydrogen and oxygen molecules in various combinations to give me a nice chilled concoction of alcohol!!

Very eloquent, very poetically brought out, Ritu! Learning about Chemistry was never so interesting!

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Omg…it’s lovely to think seriously, on the issue raised.
Will share, once I give a serious thought on it.
Till now I used to think, it’s all happening itself …depending on the mood / state of mind at tht juncture.
A very nice chemistry …never came in thought that it could be some chemical reaction etc etc.
Gud writing on the issue.
Will get back to share my Happiness mantra …shrtly.

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Chemistry was never my cup of tea. It was climbing Mt Everest for me. Perhaps I didn’t have a teacher like you who could make the subject sound so interesting. I only recollect the song ‘ had Dil mein gud gud karta H2 SO4 hai.’ I now understand the chemistry of clicking with each other.. everything, everywhere it is chemistry.. emotions, bonding…
An aptly written blog.

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