Your thoughts are yours….

“All actions result from a thought, so it is the thought that matters”

A profound thought, that often looms in my mind; which time and again has helped me take decisions and makes me feel steadfast and totally accountable for my actions because my thoughts are mine. There are two sides to everything, a proverbial phrase which appears quite simple but with a deep meaning. It is upon us what we perceive….our perception may not be the reality. A glass may be comprehended as half full or half empty, which rhetorically indicates our state of mind. Getting a bit philosophical but that is how life is…we judge the world from our viewpoint. We may not be fully correct but we are not totally wrong in expressing our outlook…people may overlook and not be in agreement to what we see from our vantage point. However, we should learn to respect other people’s thoughts, rather than get hostile and aggressive (something which is quite prevalent on social media).

A simple anecdote that resonates in my mind quite often that gave me a lesson for life, goes back to my first day at school. As I entered the class, a four year old shy, cherub looking girl then, was made to sit with three other children on a round, red table and instructed to write numbers as were being called out. A little anxious because of the new surrounding…forgetting how to write 9, I asked the beautiful, elegant lady (my first class teacher to be, Mrs Jordan) who was observing us all the while, as to how to write the figure . She smiled pointing towards the number charts on the wall and asked me to discover on my own. For me the number 6 was number 9. Though wrong, she hugged me and corrected me. Later, in my life I understood that everyone has his/her line of thought… though they may be wrong but that is how they discern the situation. Accepting other persons vision and later providing a suitable explanation can help in better understanding . Being wrong is not important, but attempting is far more important. Like it is said, “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new”.

During my teaching years I realised how important it was to understand my students and give credit for their uniqueness by imposing faith on their point of view. It was imperative on my part to realise the individuality and exclusivity of each and every individual in my class. To give my conviction certainty, it was very essential to first understand their social environment intrinsically to build a bond with them. By giving them freedom of thoughts and expression, different viewpoints popped up every time we got stuck…sometimes out of the box too. I feel ingenuity is totally dependent on the originality of ideas. At the same time, paying too much attention to what others say, can sometimes malign our thoughts and manipulate our actions resulting in a concoction of notions leading to a confused state of mind.

Many a times in life it so happens that when we meet a person for the first time, we start forming an image of that person and sometimes might end up in character assassination, without even knowing that person well. If our thoughts have led to a proper conclusion then all goes well but misinterpretation can lead to unnecessarily making things murky. The ability to read others greatly affects how you deal with them. When you understand how another person is feeling, you can adapt your message and communication style to make sure it is received in the best way possible. So, it is very important to remain positive and control our thought process before making a final impression. But your thoughts are yours, no one can change your perception. Your thoughts are also the reflection of your personality, so let not others form an opinion about you from what you reflect. Like it is said, train your mind to see good in everything. Positivity is a choice. The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts.

Labelling 2020 as the most distressful year, would be unfair…it is because of it, that families came together, if hugging or handshake became taboos so did spitting(for good) in public places; health and hygiene became paramount. Always look at the brighter side of things…without rain, there are no flowers.
My thoughts are mine!!!


A homemaker, educator, philanthropist and a downright Leo, with a passion for writing on life’s personal experiences and learnings. Personal interests include gardening, traveling, cooking, reading and writing. Finds beauty in smallest things, loves to experiment and explore new frontiers.

19 replies on “Your thoughts are yours….”

Well said…
Only a positive mind can see positivity in others…
..but in today’s ( corona ) time one doesn’t want to be positive … stay home 🏡 be safe and read positive articles like this……

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Well written.
A sincere & selfless approach, always generate thoughts, …in harmony with surrounding,.. which is well taken by all,…no matter, if they may be having a different opinion.
Let the thoughts be original & well weighed …before releasing them…!
Good thought, of writing on Our Thoughts.
It’s an appreciable piece of writing.

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Face is the index of mind.. you have penned down so beautifully. It’s only positivity that nurtures positivity. Individuality, originality all are essential ingredients of our thoughts.
A beautiful write up.. and as always enjoyed reading it. Keep penning and keep beguiling your readers.

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