Well begun…is half done

It begins with the morning sun

A firm believer of this mantra, which I have been following for ages now. The first move or step is very important to accomplish targets in life. Correspondingly, it very well implies to our everyday life too. It is very important to begin your day on a happy note. Enjoying the beautiful Mother Nature, watching the sun slowly rising in the east or listening to the birds beckoning the break of dawn, or, may be , sharing a good strong cuppa with your husband…could be a great start to your day. By including some form of physical exercise and meditation in our morning extravagance can certainly add some healthy years to our life. Anything which calms or cheers you is always the right melody to begin your day with. So…how do I begin my day?

Well for me , morning time is the most vital part of the day…where life gradually regains itself…when at the cockcrow, tapping the alarm off, still in groggy state, is an arduous task…to remove the covers and emerge out of the warm, comfy bed…pulling the curtains to let in the first flush of the morning; the view of sun rays peeping out of the clouds in the horizon, breaking the darkness catches the eye. The sound of chirping birds and distant vehicles invoking the senses to get back to normal. The nature may continue to follow the rhythm of spring and fall but something which remains constant in my life are the morning hours dedicated to self care in the form of physical exercise. An early riser always, has probably helped me continue this routine with aplomb all along the way. I remember how our teachers drilled into us….”early to bed, early to rise…makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”, and our parents ensured that we followed it wholeheartedly. Being in a profession where getting up early was mandatory; this routine carried on for quite a number of years. Now it was my turn to teach my students the importance of getting up early. Although in this period when I was an educator, indulging in physical activity in the morning was not possible but I ensured that I did it in the evening, no matter how tired I was…but kickstarting my day to make it productive with something that pleased me a lot was always my priority. A few sets of Surya Namaskar ( a form of yoga) and a warm glass of honey lemon vitalized my faculties to commence my day activities. In the evening, it used to be an hour of good exercise in the gym, although taking out time, with the whole family to look after and also to attend to the studies of my kids, was not easy, but nothing is impossible…another belief grilled in our minds. Now for some years, ever since I gave up my job, my mornings are not hustle and hurry anymore.

Still my day starts at the break of dawn, but now I spend wee hours doing exercise along with my husband. Believing in the “power of Sisu” (Sisu is a way of life to actively transform the challenges that come our way into opportunities)and being in a place which is a walker’s dream come true, we both love to undertake at-least 10-15 km walk everyday. “A healthy mind dwells in a healthy body”, is what I fully endorse. Morning walks are something we really look forward to. The freshness of the morning helps to cleanse the mind, seeing familiar smiling faces and nature’s bountiful treasures bring a smile which invigorates the mind, body and soul. This is also the time which gives us unhindered time with each other to discuss so many things which otherwise takes a backseat in a day. I remember, somewhere I read that morning nature walks help to secrete Serotonin…a happiness chemical and the mood stabilizer. To keep this regimen always exciting , instead of following the same loop everyday, we often try exploring new areas to keep monotony at bay. Off and on I try to include meditation in my routine…though not more than 10 minutes ever as you have to really train your mind to concentrate but it truly helps to ward off negative thoughts and calms the mind. After a good workout; mild music and a healthy breakfast sets positive ripples for the day. Thereafter I’m able to focus more, feeling enlivened and powerful in body.

When I emphasize on including some form of exercise in our daily lives I am specifically pointing towards women….who regard themselves as super being. With the number of roles she has to play…balancing her career, relationships, home….looking after everyone but ignoring herself sometimes. Today’s woman is not subservient anymore, she can multitask but is a human after all. It is very essential for her to envisage the importance of a healthy routine and pampering herself with self care before she gets into the humdrum of daily chores.

Today’s generation however cringe at the thought of getting up early…for them this early morning act is antithetical . With the changes in lifestyle and eating habits due to unusual work timings, they have become nocturnal beings. However, they should realize that staying active is one of the best ways to keep ourselves healthy. The “feel good sensation” that comes after a physical activity or meditation (of your choice) helps to combat stress, anxiety, depression and anger. Like someone rightly said “Wellness is the complete integration of body, mind, and spirit – the realization that everything we do, think, feel, and believe has an effect on our state of well-being.”

Doing things in moderation has been my key to healthy living…exercise well and eat well has been of paramount importance to us which produces a sense of euphoria and helps the body to feel satisfied. To be honest, controlling appetite by dieting is the most difficult task in the world for me. Though it’s always a delight to watch well sculpted bodies but it is more significant to indulge into that much that you can sustain and savor. Partaking in our favorite morning regime brings about a feeling of pleasure and satisfaction. The most vital gospel is to enjoy what you do…an incantation for happiness and wellness.


A homemaker, educator, philanthropist and a downright Leo, with a passion for writing on life’s personal experiences and learnings. Personal interests include gardening, traveling, cooking, reading and writing. Finds beauty in smallest things, loves to experiment and explore new frontiers.

16 replies on “Well begun…is half done”

This was a highly motivating and inspiring read! This blog, makes waking up early seem enchanting and calm. It was a wonderful read, with great insights and advice!
Looking forward to more.

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Compliments for another thought provoking article. I’m sure the readers will benefit from the easy and doable suggestions made there in. Continue with the good work and all the best 👍

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it’s a very vital issue, u have pen down.
I too staunchly believe in it.
Early to bed / early to rise,is an apt saying.
Young generation should pik this routine early in life, to have a healthy life style.
Not much to say….its just to be followed, by all.
Pls do maintain your routine, …it’s well taken up, by giving it importance, in the daily preoccupations of other fields.
well thought…
well focussed, issue taken up.

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Another excellent writeup 👍👍I will call it a very lucrative read😋 I have closely seen your fitness regime…….I am sure lazy people like me will get some motivation now…….

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