Turning 50…

They say celebrating your golden year of existence on this planet is achieving a milestone in your life. Your own contemporaries say…age is just a number…your friends say, you look like your son’s sister. Your younger friends feel you are now middle aged belonging to a different genre and for our elders we are still young. Basically, no one is being truly honest…their perspective is superficial or they simply want to make us cheery. I believe, accomplishing five decades is a triumph and is momentous…a time of celebration and acceptance…a harbinger to set some new goals for future.

I feel every age has its own significance, every year added is a milestone, every phase is a discovery, every number is a breakthrough. Sometimes aspirations riding high on a horseback, sometimes passion running cool on a mobike…always family the priority but friends occupying a special niche in the heart. At the threshold of 50s…I’m forced to think what is it that segregates me from the younger and hails me to the senior tribe. My heart still beats 75 times in a minute, I think my sight is perfect 6/6 still…though I now require an aid for reading, I probably indulge in more physical exercise than I used to earlier…so what is it that I’m losing? On introspection I realized that I am only gaining…a few extra pounds, some scarce silvery streaks….temperature tantrums and mood swings (hormones to be blamed)…a few faints lines of crow’s feet forming, reminder of my incessant smile….all things earned over the years.

The rendezvous with life’s most fascinating period which was not always sunshine and rainbows, involved traveling from black and white to a vibrant era, handwritten letters to iMessages, possessing finite number of dresses to a closet full…waiting for occasions to celebrate to everyday being a celebration, kindle or notepads replacing the story books, online games taking over the outdoor fun, acquiring knowledge from books and manuals to the vast ocean of knowledge just a click away…the change in century made the distance between the other part of the world and stars equally achievable. All fairy tale fantasies becoming more believable but always with a zest for keeping pace with time.

The roller coaster ride so far has been full of thrills, new learnings, achievements, disappointments, attainments along with beautiful people sewn into the fabric of my life…some unforgettable and few a blessing. All stages of life being lived up to well and excited about what the future holds. From a carefree,chirpy toddler to a happy-go-lucky teenager transforming into a composed and confident adult partaking responsibilities as they unfolded slowly, metamorphosed into a caring partner and a doting mother…with years just slipping by, jostling and cruising my way emerging stronger than ever (sounds like an adventure…rightly so, as it’s a journey into unknown). At some point of time, it was not easy to declare my age in front of others (as goes the belief, it’s rude to ask a woman her age) but today I feel proud and do not hesitate…this tectonic shift probably occurs in everyone’s life, when maturity replaces puerility.

In this landmark year…standing at the doorstep, of new milestones to be achieved with promising horizons, it is imperative to reset certain perspectives…enjoy life more and evaluate what is important and what’s not. Change does not come overnight. Till the time, energy and vigor allows…keep rocking and keep proving that age is in the mind only, do not allow it to seize your heart or come in the way of your lifestyle and growth. As rightly said “You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.”

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.”― Eleanor Roosevelt


A homemaker, educator, philanthropist and a downright Leo, with a passion for writing on life’s personal experiences and learnings. Personal interests include gardening, traveling, cooking, reading and writing. Finds beauty in smallest things, loves to experiment and explore new frontiers.

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Turning 50…
Enriched with real life experiences,…
Being able to analyse in more realistic manner..
Understanding life…in a better perception…
Understanding people in & out…
The do’s & don’ts in life..
What to eat & what not..
Calorie conscious…
All this,…with aspirations of teens,…
& mind of cleaver heads..
Makes 20+30=50.
It’s the beginning.
As “Hunza” tribe ….known to be most beautifu….
start life even at +50…
& span with an average expectancy of 125 years +..
Being at the starting point,
….go through the “Hunza” tribe,…lifestyle…
Wud surely give a Booster Dosage for years ahead..
So…life starts at 50…wth great goals to achieve..
Njoy life.. as it comes..
It would unfold newer dimensions in all spheres ..
So,.. on your marks ….get set, ..& …dash in the future …….

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Woah…I can relate to each & every word!Age is just a number dear! Let this be the year of fun laughter & new adventures! Happy Birthday! Have a fabulous day 💞

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A very Happy Birthday to you! Wish you all the happiness! This was a beautiful read that takes one through your journey and experiences seamlessly! These anecdotes blend flawlessly with your realistic writing!
have a great day!

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Nice write up! Happy glorious 50th birthday dear Ritu! Lots of love and happiness is wished for you on your special day and always. 💐💐💐💐💐

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Feeling 20
Looking 30
Heading 50 …
You Rock !!
Loved it Ritu Ma’am
Happy Birthday once again. Wishing you many more and looking forward to your next blog

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Happiest birthday ma’am 🙂 Enjoy the life ahead of you! (18 till I die right!!) keep blogging beautifully with such passion. All the love towards you.

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Happy belated birthday aunty. You write so beautiful posts that I thought you are only 25 years old. Your posts look so young and beautiful. It connects to the youth like me Ritu. Hope you live really long and keep writing and inspiring youth. Take care…looking forward to more posts💖✌😊.

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Thank you Suzan….this really sounds fulfilling. I’m so happy that I can connect well with the younger age group…actually as I said we should reach out for newer and richer experience…and that is what I keep trying. Best wishes 😊


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